Why Diets Fail: The Simple Mistake That Ruins Millions Of Lives (plus two bonus books)








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Why Diets Fail is the classic book explaining why expert diet advice causes diet failure. If you know why diets fail before you begin a weight loss program, you can avoid the disappointment virtually all dieters experience. This downloadable version of WDF includes two additional books. The first, Eat Like The Devil tm, is a simple diet program that will work for anybody and the second, Cure of Pounds, describes six principles of successful weight loss.

 Eat Like The Devil tm, one of the free books you receive with Why Diets Fail, is similar to The Devil Diet tm. Save the money and do not order both WDF and TDD.

Dieters Beware!

You are doomed to fail even before you begin.

The weight loss experts are making sure of that.

Dieters fail at stunningly high rates. The history of diet plans is long, the history of diet plan successes is short.

In the US, despite close to 50 billions of dollars spent on diet products and up to 617 billions of dollars in costs to the economy, the failure rate of dieters remains quoted as high as 95%. Whatever the true failure rate is, whatever the true costs to society are, all reasonable persons agree they are huge.

The worldwide figures are even greater.

The consequences of this monumental failure are striking. They include explicit fears of national sick care systems going broke, re-sizing of what we wear, where we sit and how we travel, a predicted and unprecedented decrease in life expectancy for our young and an entire planet growing ever more dependent on drugs to control blood pressure and sugar.

How can this be? How can a system fail so completely and for so long? What is going on?

Could it be that there is a simple, basic mistake at the core of the entire diet industry worldwide?


Spectacularly bad outcomes can result from remarkably simple, basic blunders:
  • NASA lost an entire mission to Mars and hundreds of millions of dollars because of a basic math error.

  • Simple mistakes can last generations: The entire Popeye myth and spinach's "high" iron content came about because of a misplaced decimal point.

Why Diets Fail ("WDF") exposes the fundamental mistake underlying virtually every weight loss program.

After proving the foundational error in the system, WDF provides the successful way to lose weight.

WDF will show you a better way to lose weight than the flawed programs of the so-called experts.

WDF is the book for anyone who has attempted to lose weight and failed, is considering weight loss or coaches others in weight loss.

WDF will save you from the weight loss failure guaranteed by the "experts" diet advice.

The two bonus books are accessed via hyperlinks in Why Diets Fail.