Becoming Super Human: Defeating Nature's Limits







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Becoming Super Human describes the journeys of individuals who defeated the limits Nature set for them.  Becoming Super Human contains real stories of how people  overcame the most common conditions that limit us. These include: loss of muscle, loss of libido, heart disease, stroke, hypertension, osteoporosis, Type 2 diabetes and more.

You are not condemned to falling victim to either these conditions or the sick care system.

There are alternatives. And the alternatives work.

They worked for others. They can work for you. 

Find out how in Becoming Super Human.

Becoming Super Human: Defeating The Limits of our Species  (Excerpted from the Introduction)
What limits you as an individual? What limits us as a species?
How can you overcome these limitations?
What does it mean to become Super Human?
This book will answer these questions and provide you with a roadmap to exceed the expectations Nature designed for you.
What It Means To Become Super Human
Being Super Human means achieving that which is not probable for a human, i.e., overcoming many of the current, common limitations of the human body and mind.
You will learn how to live longer, freer of disease and with the ability to participate more fully in life.
What Super Humans Realize
To make this conversation of greatest value, letís make sure we are all on the same page, talking about the same things.
For our purposes, what is life?
Though the answer has been debated for millennia, we can define it simply:
Life is the interaction between you and anything else. The more fully you can interact, the more fully you can participate in life.
Participation is the sine qua non of living a life.
There are degrees to living a life.
A person in a deep coma may be alive, but it is difficult to characterize that person as leading a life. That person cannot participate as far as we know.
Someone confined to bed but aware, is living more of a life than one who is comatose; however, the bedridden personís participation is clearly limited when compared to someone who can get around, albeit in a wheelchair.
The wheelchair-bound person is living even more of a life than the bedridden, but it is still limited when likened to the person who requires no assistance getting around.
You get the point.
Disabilities limit us and our ability to participate in life. In this book, the word ďdisabilityĒ is broadly construed.
To live the fullest life possible, the bottom line is to prevent, lessen or remove disabilities so we can engage as fully as possible with our surroundings.
When disabilities are lessened, removed or prevented, how deeply we engage in life becomes more fully a matter of choice.
Disability and health are in an inverse relationship.
When your health is reduced and you are aware of it, your disability increases...

What Super Humans Target And Why
There are a number of common conditions that serve to limit us. We are set-ups for them unless we take action.
Super Humans take action against these conditions.
Among the conditions Super Humans donít let get the better of them are:
Heart disease
Cancer (certain types)
Alzheimer Disease
Osteoporosis (an illness affecting women and men)
Accidental injuries
Sarcopenia (loss of lean muscle mass)
Type 2 diabetes
Overweight/obesity (body composition)
Any of the above can ruin your life by limiting participation and driving you to the poor house.
Drugs, doctor visits, hospitalizations, inability to work, etc., are costly. Being bed-ridden, using a cane or walker, requiring nursing home care can destroy the rest of your life Ė and if they donít destroy your life, they certainly limit it.
These adversities take a toll not only on you if you have or develop them. They also take a toll on those about whom you care and who care about you.
Disability, i.e., illness, frequently requires others to provide care and assistance. If the responsibility falls on your family or loved ones, they are ill-affected, too.
Disabilities also limit your ability to interact with the ones who are important to you, e.g., playing catch at a picnic or going to the zoo with a grandchild, thereby depriving him or her of experiencing you to varying degrees.
And even if you develop one of the afflictions mentioned above, Super Humans are better able to deal with them, possibly even overcoming them.