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“We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein

Workplace Wellness Programs (WPs) are another way the government makes businesses pay for sick care. As currently configured, WPs cannot, do not and will not work. There are no good data showing that WPs work. And there never will be since WPs are based on the same flawed thinking that government and Big Sick Care used to get us into the crisis we now face.

To stop the abuse, you will have to mount a Wellness Insurgency tm that counters these policies which are harming businesses.

Based on the principles of insurgency warfare, The Guerrilla Wellness Program tm, offers an alternative approach to a WP that gives businesses a chance of succeeding.

Businesspeople Of The World Arise!

Businesses are under assault and as a businessperson, you are under assault.

Your assailant is the government.

Its weapon is employee sick care benefits.

Businesses are working under a terrible and crushing burden imposed by the government.

They (you) are expected to solve the nation’s sick care crisis following the approach set by the authorities.

This includes Wellness Programs (WPs) which are allegedly intended to save you sick care costs and foster a healthier work force.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.

As you will understand from this book, that approach is impossible.

And nothing that you do or your business does will ever make it work as long as you follow the conventional recommendations.

Impossible is impossible.

WPs do not, WPs will not and WPs cannot, save you sick care costs and foster a healthier work force.

The government is bigger, stronger and has more resources than you. It is misleading you and then forcing you into undertaking and underwriting its impossible scheme.

Allied with the government against you are the sick care and food industries and the media.

Your enemies are strong, but not invincible.

There are ways to improve the fitness of the workforce, which can lead to lower sick care costs and greater productivity.

Succeeding will require you to break from the failing policies of the past and foment a Wellness Insurgency tm in your workplace by implementing a WP based on the principles of The Guerrilla Wellness Program tm.

In addition to explaining to you why your Wellness Program and your Employee Assistance Program (if you have one) will fail, this book provides you with the information you need to succeed.

To these ends, this book will not simply point out the problems. It will offer solutions.