The Devil Diet tm: Weight Loss Made Sinfully Simple tm







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An absolutely effective approach to weight loss offered with humor (I hope). Who says there can be no fun in weight loss?

DO NOT PURCHASE THIS BOOK IF you have purchased Why Diets Fail (WDF-Plus 2). Why Diets Fail contains a version of The Devil Diet tm.

DO NOT PURCHASE THIS BOOK IF reference to the Devil, Satan, the underworld, etc., offends you.


The Devil Diet tm: Weight Loss Made Sinfully Simple tm offers just about the simplest approach to weight loss imaginable. There is no need for  lifestyle change, exercise, or changing the foods you eat.

The Devil Diet tm (from the Back Cover)

Funny thing.

Weight loss is nowhere near as complicated as your experts make it out to be.

That is why they have an eternal appointment to keep with me.

But until their time is up, I am going to help you.


Because as administrator of the underworld, I have a problem.

Hello, I am the Devil.

The problem is that my domain is getting awfully crowded, what with all the overweight and obese people arriving for an extended stay. “Extended” as in eternal.

That is a long time. And turnover is, well, there is no real turnover.

So I am running out of room.

Therefore, I have to work quickly and effectively to slim down the souls on the surface.

That way they will take up less space, just in case…if you know what I mean.

To do this efficiently, I have developed the simplest weight loss program that I could.

To follow it, you do not have to make any lifestyle changes, engage in exercise or change foods.

And you will lose weight.

I guarantee it or your soul back.

It has to work. Because if it did not, I would be looking at a job transfer. And believe me, I am not interested in ending up in a worse place than this.

Have some sympathy for the Devil.

Give the Devil Diet tm a shot. All you have to lose is the weight and I get to keep my job.