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Be Your Own Personal Trainer (BYOPT tm) will teach you Dr. Applebaum's Three Principles of Fitness tm. These principles MUST be followed for an overall fitness program to succeed. BYOPT tm offers training and nutrition programs.

Introduction (excerpt)

As recently as a few years ago, if someone would have told me I would be a fitness writer, instructor and vocal advocate of the fitness lifestyle, I would have told them they were crazy!

For it was only a few years ago that I had my chest cracked, my heart stopped, put on heart-lung bypass, sliced open and sort of repaired.

Frankly, my recovery was less than fulfilling. (Initially, at least. It is much better now, thank you, since I took matters into my own hands.)...

Health is a function of participation and participation is a function of fitness. My first objective was to become fitter. So fitter I became.

Based upon my knowledge of medicine and the human body, research of the fitness literature and my modest prior efforts at exercise, I designed my own nutrition and training programs. My intention was to reverse a decade of less than satisfying life that injuries, a bad heart and heart surgery brought me. My goal was modest: simply to get "better." My programs resembled nothing like what was out there and popular.

I paid no attention to how I looked; I just kept at it. "It" being the programs I designed.

I became aware of the changes I was undergoing when people began coming up to me asking for help...

From literally thousands of conversations, albeit many of them brief, it is obvious to me that the mass media misinformation and merchandising propaganda campaigns have displaced accurate information about fitness to the sidelines.

Fitness comes from the application of principles. In the domain of fitness, there are only three. And they are universal, i.e., they will work for anybody and everybody.

Most importantly, they will work for you.

If you know the truth, if you know The Three Principles of Fitness tm, if you know the fundamentals, you can create a fitness program that will work for you. Scientifically we have the knowledge that will help you achieve your fitness goals and dreams. You will still have to work at it. But unlike following the popular approaches, your efforts will not end in frustration.

In fact, you cannot fail if you apply the Three Principles of Fitness tm you will learn from this book.

The time you spend reading Be Your Own Personal Trainer ("BYOPT tm") will save you multiples of that time by keeping you away from efforts doomed to fail.

BYOPT tm will also save you lots of money. It will keep you from underwriting doomed to fail programs designed by bad trainers.

Knowledge will empower you. Knowledge will bring you success.

The knowledge you need is between the covers of this book...